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Angel Favazza is a science fiction author who works as a high school Advanced Placement English and Creative Writing teacher in Michigan. Favazza has written for over twenty years, and her work has appeared in numerous literary magazines and anthologies. Favazza’s work has been widely printed, reprinted, and internationally anthologized. Her writing reflects her interest in science fiction, modern philosophy, environmental issues, and popular culture.

"Imaginative, intelligent, and restless, Angel Favazza’s writing presents science fiction archetypes in a surprising new light against the backdrop of our modern world. She experiments with form and line, but maintains beauty and accuracy through transformation of scientific ideologies and our notions of what's really out there." ~Tyree Campbell Books: Crossing Space (Silent Grove Press, 2019), The Twisted Oak (Silent Grove Press, 2019), Canine Chronicles (Alban Lake Publishing, 2014), Flashes in the Sky (Lulu Press, 2012), Saving Death (Alban Lake Publishing, 2012), Inner Space (Lulu Press, 2010), On Metallic Wings (Sam's Dot Publishing, 2010), A Rinsing Rain (Pudding House Press, 2010), An Avid Eye (Pudding House Press, 2009)

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