Debby Feo,

Author and Poet


Debby is the author of 10 published books, and many short stories and poems, thru Alban Lake Publishing.


She also has/or will have short stories and poems published by Nomadic Delirium Press and Star*Line.

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Between Bites

March 2019

A life long lived is the dream for most of the inhabitants of Earth, but how long is too long? Come along on a journey of stars and moons, summers and winters, and all that lies in between and beyond. Learn the secrets of the vampires and see the world through their - more often than not - heart broken, sad, and thoughtful eyes.


Vampire Series


Vow of Blood Collection

Vow of Blood

Here Be Vampires

Trail of Blood

Dark and Bloody Ground

Blood On the Moon

Between Bites (stories and poems that take place between the 5 Vampire novels)

Sci-fi and Fantasy Books

Meet the Mercusons

Saturnial School Scenes

The Caves of Titan

Stories For A Starry Night

Anthology Apperances

Suddenly, Cows!


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