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Born and raised in the state of Iowa, Karen Otto has had a long and interesting career in loving different animals. She currently has five guinea pigs, two dogs, and four cats that all look to her for food, snuggles, and general love. She also happens to enjoy writing and discovered that writing was helpful in dealing with her mental health, and has poured herself into her books. When not writing, she is an editor at a small publishing company. She enjoys Youtube, talking with her authors and friends on Discord, and baking. She can often be found sitting on her couch, a book in hand or on her phone, animals piled high with snuggles on her, and enjoying the day. 

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The Void Series

The Open Wounds Trilogy

   Bugs in the System

   Shattered: The Story of Ashque

   Casualties of War (Coming Soon)

The Open Wounds Collection (Coming Soon)

Beneath the Dream

Infection of Hate (Coming Soon)

Anthology Appearances

Suddenly, Cows!

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