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Tony Matteson kills the man, crushes his skull with a heavy glass water pitcher. The Untouchable, one of the elite, has attacked Tony’s girlfriend, Fox Slade. But the couple knows the Police won’t see the killing as justified. In 22nd Century America, the law only protects the Untouchables—the rich who live sequestered in their homes, away from all danger—well, almost.

Tony and Fox live in an abandoned parking garage in the derelict city of de Tolosa, California along with 300 clansmen. Disease, fear, climate change, and an over reliance on the Internet has created two classes, the elites and the clans—small bands of farmers and hunters that scavenge off what remains of the past.

After the killing, Tony and Fox flee de Tolosa, escaping southward along the flooded California coast, in search of sanctuary among strange clan cultures. But the Police are just a halfstep behind, frustrated with their near misses. The couple’s odyssey—on foot, by kayak, drone train, bicycle, tiny sailboat, plank canoe, and a panga boat—takes them to the desolate Santa Barbara Channel Islands. The Police close in.

Face-to-Face by Terry Sanville

    • ISBN: 9781951384524
    • Hardback: 252 pages
    • Publisher: Branching Realities Independent Publishing; July 2020
    • Language: English
    • Product Dimensions: 6 x 9

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