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The mansion - his ancestral home - is all he has since his wife passed away. It is his inheritance, and he means to hold on to it, no matter the cost. However, the estate is in decay, and falling farther each day as servants abandon their station out of fear of the strange creature that now stalks the halls. Undeterred, he sets traps and stalks the beast, ready to destroy it and fix his broken home and life. However, the beast is changing. Now it uses the dying cries of his Josephine to haunt him, to distract him from the hunt. What mystery does the creature hold, and how does it know his lost wife? In a tale born of Lovecraftian nightmares, and Poe's dark depression, learn about the secrets of Josephine

Josephine by C.J. Lawrence

    • ePub Digital: aprox. 5800
    • Publisher: Alban Lake Publishing 2019
    • Language: English