The old saying is that curiosity killed the cat. While Professor Scharf isn't dead, his curiosity may have gotten the best of him. After recieving a letter from an acquaintance of one of his students, Scharf finds himself in Florida. He becomes deeply facinated by a set of pillars buried in the sand of some obscure island and gets lost trying to find the truth behind him. 

When he finds the truth, he finds it to be absolute. 

Here, then, is presented the testimony of Professor Scharf on the subject of his final research project and the consequences of curiosity and pride. 

Do you dare to seek the truth of Ialuyghaag? 

The Abomination of Ialuyghaag By Lee Clark Zumpe

    • ePub Digital: aprox. 6,200 words
    • Publisher: Branching Realities Independent Publishing May 2020
    • Language: English

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