Tyree Campbell's "Tree Hugger" is a unique, extremely well written, scifi-styled tale. The story's main character is Pagan - an alien who has managed to stop for rest on Earth. She had been forced to flee from her home planet due to the destruction of her people. While the premise may begin as a familiar science fiction tale, it quickly morphs from there. The strongest -- and deadliest -- conflict is Pagan's misunderstanding of Earth's relationship with its trees and plant life. Being an alien who is basically a living tree who can transform into a humanoid appearance, Pagan takes extreme offense when she sees what she perceives as the work of a killer race against her people. Imagine her reaction to a fireplace with a charred "body" (log) in it. There is some truth in Pagan's perspective, twisted though it is. Campbell's story is beautifully, almost lyrically written. If you are a fan of science fiction and like to read stories that break away from stereotypical scifi - then I would recommend Campbell's work.


~ L. A. Story, author of Beyond Shammua

Tree Hugger by Tyree Campbell

    • ePub Digital: aprox. 4,300 words
    • Publisher: Alban Lake Publishing August 2019
    • Language: English

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