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Tom Waguespack is the author of the steampunk novel Sigimmortal, published by Alban Lake. Tom hopes to have two more novels published in this series. Then he plans to write an experimental fiction novel, the likes of which has never been seen before.

Tom's first foray into writing was through the Yahoo! Contributor Network from 2009-2014. His full-time job is a math educator at Louise S. McGehee School in New Orleans. For fun, Tom enjoys Fantasy Football, thrift shopping, and performing in his school's musicals. His favorite author is Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and his favorite novel (besides Sigimmortal) is The Hobbit.


Robert Chadwick, a British scientist working at CERNEC in 2039, disobeys orders and enters a colleague’s universe tunnel. After landing in a parallel universe, Robert discovers he’s in 1913 England. He quickly meets the beautiful Catherine Ashmore, who drinks brandy, hunts and fishes, and can match wits with any man.


As Robert is preparing to spend his life in blissful happiness with Catherine on the North Yorkshire moors, two problems confront him. First, he learns that Sigmund Varland, the leading scientist of the day, is actually Sven Granberg, CERNEC’s lead engineer who helped build the universe tunnel. Sig (the ‘Scientist, Inventor, and Genius’ of the title) has invaded this universe with his 2039 tablet and is inventing everything far ahead of schedule. Sig gives his inventions ridiculous names such as sigimmortal pills, sigiballoons, sigguns, and sigomobiles.

Of greater concern for Robert is World War I, which he is determined to prevent. Because this is a parallel universe, Robert is convinced he need not concern himself with time travel paradoxes. Besides, Sig has already changed history by inventing gadgets and publishing theories far ahead of schedule without disastrous results.

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